Who We Are

Based in the UK, we are a dedicated and passionate team of developers, designers and solution specialists who are here to help create the perfect website for your business or project. With nearly seven years industry experience, you can trust that our expertise provides valuable and effective solutions for your online ventures.

What We Do

We specialise in media creation for the web, including websites, graphic design and bespoke web applications. In addition, with the rapidly changing environment that is the web and technology as a whole, we have adapted our offerings to include social networking, online advertising and tailored web-based solutions.

A Brief Look Into Our Past

Year 2016

2016 is the year we focus on bespoke tasks, large marketing projects and promotional endeavours. Our main goals are to improve our existing offerings and rollout new applications that ensure our clients get the best possible experience.

Year 2015

The year 2015 is the year we focused on bespoke projects and larger marketing affairs and promotional endeavours. We continued to grow, developing specialist web applications and further enhancing our current offerings.

Year 2014

During 2014, we continued to grow and ventured into bespoke projects such as app development, enterprise marketing, web apps and game development.

Year 2013

2013 we released our Web Builder application, intended to make developing websites simpler and quicker for our clients by allowing them to construct their dream website without technical knowledge or experience.

Year 2012

This year we focused more on supporting our existing customer base to ensure they were getting the best possible returns from their websites and online advertising campaigns. In addition, we obtained various notable clients including local councils, online retailers and legal professionals.

Year 2011

During 2011, we obtained a significant number of clients, including legal offices, catering agencies and traders. In addition, we expanded our services to include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and eCommerce.

Year 2010

2010 was the initial launch of NS Web Design Studio. At the time, it was just a couple of programmers developing websites for friends and family looking to promote their portfolio and services online.

After many successful projects, it became apparent that we had talent and passion for website creation. This lead to us expanding our offerings to better cater to our clients’ needs. Including venturing into digital marketing, graphic design and more advanced website services such as eCommerce. Within a year, we had expanded our services to cater to clients from various industries and sizes.

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