Advantages Of A Custom Website

Advantages Of A Custom Website

Posted in General on 29 June 2016

With the ever increasing popularity of off-the-shelf website templates and website builders, we thought we would address a few reasons why it is still important to get a bespoke website. By that, we mean a website made specifically for your business and its needs.

Direct Input in the Final Design

This first advantage we want to cover is having a direct input in the final design of your website. When you purchase a bespoke website, you usually speak directly with a webmaster before, during and after your website creation. This enables you to make any alterations at any time to get the specific results you require. This is also great for peace of mind and ensuring a desirable end result.

Meet Business Objectives and Requirements

With a bespoke website, not only do you have significant say on the final design, but you get the ability to plan your website to best align with your business goals and requirements. Any queries, reservations or concerns you may have about any aspect of your website can be discussed with professionals who understand the web industry. Leading to a more effective and productive end result.

Uniquely Yours

A custom website is uniquely yours. From the text and colours to animations and functionality. Every aspect can be changed to suit your business, brand and needs. This is a brilliant way to help your brand stand out and become more memorable. As every aspect can be designed to reflect what your business stands for without compromise.

Scalable, Robust and Reliable

As your business grows, it is imperative that your website does too. A custom website can be built to grow with your business and easily adapted to accommodate new features and functionality. Furthermore, this can be done from the onset to ensure growth is not stifled down the line. As a poorly developed off-the-shelf website template can restrict growth and become an expensive task later on. Due to hastily buying a new website leaving little time for planning.

Improved Performance and Security

Custom websites offer improved performance as they are developed to fit your business and offer functionality specifically optimised for your business processes. You do not get functionality built into your website that you do not require and therefore go unused. For example, most website themes are designed to work with a content management system of some kind. But if you do not use certain aspects of that theme or content management system, that functionality still lingers in your website code increasing page load times and yielding higher bounce rates.

Additionality, unused functionality can expose your website to security vulnerabilities that might be overlooked. As such, custom websites also provide enhanced security. They can be engineered to proactively defend against new and existing security vulnerabilities and unused code that could leave your website exposed is removed.

Overcome Unique Technical Challenges

With a bespoke website, you do not need any technical expertise to overcome the technical challenges that you may face when setting up your website. You can discuss your needs with an experienced professional who will explain, in layman's terms, what needs to be done. Allowing you to do what you do best and run your business. All this can be accomplished without hindering the final outcome of your website.

Comply with Legal Requirements

All businesses have to comply with various legal requirements, some you may be unaware existed until it is too late. With a custom website, you can discuss your website with your webmaster to ensure you are compliant with the various appropriate laws. This is vital to ensure your business can continue to operate legally.

Improved Return on Investment

While the initial cost can be more with a bespoke website, a bespoke website can generate a greater return on its investment in the long run, especially if you advertise online. Bespoke websites can be designed to incorporate effective lead generation and traffic driving methods. Additionally, bespoke websites can implement various metrics for better tracking and reporting. This often results in increased leads, increased sales and returning more on your investment.


To summarise, while website templates and website builders do come with their advantages, such as being cheaper, they also come with some significant downsides to compensate for their lower costs. It is worth bearing this in mind when getting your first website, or upgrading an existing one.

Additionally, having a custom website does not mean a more expensive website. There are affordable options available, many of which can be paid monthly or annually and incorporate other costs such domain names, web hosting and ongoing support. Making it more cost effective to manage all associated website costs.